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Product code:  BT-G4

We've got all you need! This gift pack is specially designed for your loved ones. It comes with all the delicate essentials one would need in their daily routines of growing up their babies. We start with playful and very comfortable 'All Organic' body suits, Peter Pan Collar Rompers and the uber easy onesie and move on to a thrilling set of hangers, bibs, rattles, a charming box with cute pair of scissors. Trust us, this is a serious fix for all the quality hunters. What's more, we've added a blanket too. 

This 'Over the top' pack comes in a stylishly designed tray filled with all our goodies so you canjust order and take it with you at no extra charge.

Customizations? Yes please!

Call us at +91 7042845500 and we'll be happy to re-design this pack.

You can choose multiple sizes too.


Shipping Available Worldwide


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